Admission in Doctoral programme

An hundred of doctoral manbetx体育 recruited annually


After a Master manbetx体育注册
The recruitment of doctoral manbetx体育 is the subject of special attention, focused on manbetx体育 in possession of a national Master’s manbetx体育注册 or any other foreign equivalent Master manbetx体育注册. Candidates are selected after scientific and technical evaluation conducted by the research unities in the form of an interview with a jury to assess the candidates in terms of personal aptitude and the relevance of the proposed thesis subject. In addition to an adequate level of general and scientific culture, a practical command of english and a minimum level in french, candidates must possess a sound capacity for analysis, synthesis and innovation, and must be motivated for research work and present coherent professional plans.


How to enrol ?

A student wishing to enrol in a doctoral programme must send a written application to the person in charge of the relevant specialized field. The application must include a detailed CV listing studies, qualifications, work experience and planned research fields.

The deadline for the submission of applications is september  for enrolment in the first year.
An applicant is officially admitted by the Director of MINES ParisTech on the advice of the applications panel with due consideration of:
  • possible intake within a research centre
  • the applicant’s aptitude to undertake research work in the requested field.
On enrolment, the doctoral manbetx体育 are given an international student card (ISIC).